What is the precinct committee?

Precinct Committee.

In each precinct, there shall be a precinct committee consisting of at least five registered Democrats who reside in the precinct and who are elected at an organizational meeting of the precinct. The purpose of the precinct committee is to elect officers and delegates who represent the precinct at county party meetings and coordinate the grassroots work of the precinct, including political education, get-out-the vote and campaign activities.

The composition of the precinct should resemble the make-up of the registered Democrats in the precinct as to gender, age, race, ethnic background and, where practical, geography. Participation and the opportunity to be elected to office or representation is open to any registered Democrat who resides in the precinct. All Democratic county and city elected officials and Democratic members of the North Carolina General Assembly residing in the precinct and in attendance, shall be ex-officio, voting members of the precinct committee.

Precinct Officers.

The precinct committee shall have as officers a chair, a vice chair, a secretary/treasurer, no less than two (2) committee members and any others as the body might desire. The vice chair should where possible be of the opposite gender of the chair and should, where possible, be of a race other than that of the chair. No officers of the precinct committee shall be from the same immediate family residing in the same household.

Term of Office.

The terms of office for precinct officers and precinct committee members elected at an annual meeting in an odd numbered year shall be for two (2) years. If elected at another time, the term of the office shall begin upon election. Terms shall end on the date on which the next annual precinct meeting is held in an odd-numbered year or when their successors are elected, whichever occurs first. Should a vacancy occur prior to the end of a term, the officer or committee member elected shall serve the unexpired portion of term.

Vacancy and Succession for Precinct Officers and Committee Members.

Vacancies occurring among the officers or members of the precinct committee shall be filled within thirty (30) days following creation of the vacancy. If a member of the precinct committee moves their voting residence outside the precinct, they shall be deemed to have vacated their position. The precinct chair shall call a meeting of the remaining members of the precinct committee to fill that vacancy and any other vacancies that might be caused by the action of such committee in filling the vacancy. If there is a vacancy of the precinct chair, the vice chair or the secretary/treasurer, in that order, shall become acting chair, assume duties and responsibilities of the precinct chair, and shall call a meeting to fill the office of chair, and any other vacancies. If a meeting is not held within thirty (30) days, the county chair or their designee shall call the precinct meeting to be held for this purpose. The precinct chair or presider shall certify in writing the results of such elections within five (5) days of this meeting to the county chair.


Resignation of any precinct officer shall be in writing and given to the precinct chair and county chair. In the event that resignation is that of the precinct chair, the precinct chair shall give their written resignation to the precinct vice chair and to the county chair.


Officers and members of the precinct committee may be removed in accordance with Section 10.00.