Quorum required to organize the precinct

The required quorum for a precinct meeting held for the purpose of organizing the precinct or electing precinct officers and committee members of the precinct committee, electing delegates to the county convention or the filling of vacancies on the precinct committee shall consist of five (5) registered Democrats residing in the precinct. In precincts having one hundred (100) or fewer registered Democrats, five percent (5%) of such registered Democrats shall be sufficient to comprise the precinct committee and to constitute a quorum.

By agreement of the county chair and either the precinct chair or the appointed chair for the meeting, as many as two designated, registered Democrats residing in such precinct may attend the precinct meeting by telephone or other telecommunications device and be considered as part of the quorum. The method of communications used to attend the meeting must provide a way to identify the participants as those who were authorized to attend the meeting by phone or telecommunications device.

Each registered Democrat residing in the precinct and in attendance at any precinct meeting, shall be entitled to cast one vote at said meeting.