Precinct Organization

Each party defines how a precinct is organized from the perspective of that party.

There may be a Republican precinct organization as well as a Democratic precinct organization. Those two organizations have nothing to do with each other – apart from both covering the same precinct.

Wake County Democratic Party (WCDP) groups precincts into precinct districts. These districts have nothing to with other types of districts, such as Congressional districts, or NC House districts, etc.

The overall Democratic organization of the county consists of:

  1. A county-wide precinct coordinator – part of WCDP
  2. For each precinct district: a district coordinator
  3. For each (organized) precinct: a precinct committee consisting of a precinct chair, a precinct vice chair and a secretary/treasurer

WCDP appoints the county-wide precinct coordinator and selects district coordinators, but it is up to the Democratic voters within a precinct to organize the precinct itself with help from the district coordinator.

The 29 precincts in Northern Wake county are grouped into three districts:

  1. Lakes District led by acting district coordinator David Bland
    • Precinct 02-01, 02-02, 02-03, 02-05, 08-04, 08-07, 08-08, 14-01 and 14-02
  2. Falls River District led by district coordinator David Bland
    • Precinct 02-04, 02-06, 13-02, 13-06, 13-09, 13-10, 13-11, 19-13 and 19-14
  3. Wakeville District led by acting district coordinator David Bland
    • Precinct 19-03, 19-04, 19-05, 19-07, 19-09, 19-10, 19-11, 19-12, 19-15, 19-16 and 19-17

The full “Plan of Organization” document can be found at the North Carolina Democratic Party website.

The version from which the information on this website has been collected is “As Amended February 6, 2016”.