Links to Democratic Websites

There is an abundance of good information on the Web. We have included a set of links to websites, we have found especially useful. Please read and share!

    Website DescriptionLink to Website
    Democratic Party website
    North Carolina Democratic Party
    Wake County Democratic Party
    North Carolina State Board of Elections, for all voting information
    SteadfastNC: Democrats for Reasonable Progressive Action. An information project of the Democratic Clubs Consortium
    Blue NC, "Where North Carolina comes to think"
    Democracy NC, "Of, By and For the People"
    North Carolina NAACP, with information on Moral Mondays
    "A Project of NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina" (NC blogs for choice)
    Lillian's List of NC: Winning with women for progressive change in NC
    Facebook page of NC Conservation Network
    The Progressive Pulse nonpartisan blog
    "Because we all should have a say in decisions that affect our health." Includes the Health Policy Hub and the Postscript blogs
    The Independent Weekly
    NC Council of Churches: "Strength in Unity, Peace through Justice". A statewide ecumenical organization promoting Christian unity
    NC Capitol political blog
    Planned Parenthood
    Send email to for Micah Beasley's compendium of articles about politicsSend an email.
    Send email to for Blaise Strenn's Events of the WeekSend an email.
    NCSU Professor Steve Greene's blog on all things political
    Off the Charts (Center on Budget and Policy Priorities) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working at the federal and state levels. "Policy insight beyond the numbers"
    Politics NC, Your Source for North Carolina Political News "? a blog and news site developed by political consultant Thomas Mills ? to provide a reasoned voice in the political debate?"
    The People's Business blog (Fayetteville Observer) "?keeps an eye on government and politics?"
    Under the Dome (News & Observer), a blog maintained by N&O staff on NC politics and government
    Public Policy Polling, founded by Dean Debnam to conduct more accurate public policy surveys
    Policy Points blog by South by North Strategies, Ltd. (Chapel Hill, NC), a research consultancy specializing in economic and social policy
    Watauga Watch: up-to-date analysis of the local political landscape
    NC Health News, an independent, not-for-profit, statewide news organization dedicated to covering health care in North Carolina
    Western NC Health Advocates, an advocacy site founded by Leslie Boyd
    NC Policy Watch, A Project of the North Carolina Justice Center
    NC Blogs for reproductive rights, A Project of NARAL Pro-Choice NC
    Doing Right by Our Kids: Protecting child safety at all levels of society
    NC Stem Learning Network (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
    Spark Movement