North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) need you to call your representative

Last week North Carolinians Against Gun Violence (NCGV) was able to spread the good news that the dangerous gun bills were not passed before the crossover deadline because of your calls and emails. 

We also warned of parliamentary procedures that could revive the bills. Based on Speaker Moore’s press statement after crossover, it appears that he is considering using some of those procedures to pass reckless gun bills that could:

  • Allow guns on campus, even in areas with children such as daycares, early learning colleges, and hospitals
  • Eliminate our life saving background check on private sales of handguns (the pistol purchase permitting system)
  • Eliminate our concealed weapons permitting system

We can not stand for any of these provisions to be passed!

This is where you come in. Call your representative today to demonstrate that North Carolinians want to protect children and the public. Find out who represents you here.

Here is a sample message to use: “I am a constituent and I oppose carrying guns on campuses, eliminating the pistol purchase permitting system and eliminating the concealed carry weapons permitting system.  I hope that the representative will oppose these dangerous measures and advocate for common sense gun reform.  Thank you.”

After you make this important call, please pass this alert on to 5 friends and let us know how your call went –

Together we can stand up for common sense gun reform,
Becky and the rest of the NCGV team


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