Why we MUST elect Deborah Ross for US Senate

Let me count the reasons why we MUST elect Deborah Ross for US Senate. There are more than I have fingers and toes!!!!!

But one of the most important is the fact that Burr refuses to permit an up or down vote for the any of President Obama’s nominations for the Eastern District of the US Court. He even “Blue Slipped” (gave his approval) Obama’s first nominee, Jennifer May-Packer, but then withdrew his approval. Now Obama has nominated Patricia Timmons-Goodson, a nationally acclaimed judge, whom Burr said he would not even consider!!!!

North Carolina deserves better; Please vote for Deborah and get your friends to do the same. Just listen to this 1 minute statement from NC Policy Watch.

Or Read this article in the News and Observer.


House Speaker Tim Moore’s recent $1.5 million pet project could directly benefit campaign treasurer, contributors

This is a perfect example for why Democrats must gain a veto proof majority this fall. That means at least four House members plus all of our Wake County Senate candidates. Of course both parties are guilty of “sugarplums” during the waning hours of the session, but under the Republicans this has become both blatant and without restraint. Maybe you would like some help with the lake you live on.
Read the full article on the NC Policy Watch website.