This website has been funded and built by North Wake County neighborhood Democrats in the Falls River, the Lakes, and the Wakeville districts.

David Bland is acting District Coordinators for all three districts with a total of 29 precincts.

From the Wake County Democratic Party website:

Unique to Wake County, the Wake County Democratic Party (WCDP) includes 22 districts based on contiguity, population, and as much as possible, municipal affiliation. With 200 precincts in a large county with an exploding population, WCDP uses these districts and the district coordinators (DCs) to connect precinct officers, activists, and the population at-large with the WCDP executive board and to one another. Currently, DCs operate outside the NC Democratic Plan of Organization (PoO) as they are unique to Wake County, but the DCs serve at the pleasure of the WCDP Chair under the direction of the First Vice Chair and Executive Director.

This website provides detailed candidate information for postal addresses in the three districts mentioned above.

Voter address information is based on Wake county's public voter data from the Wake County Board of Elections' website.

Candidate data is based on information from both the North Carolina State Board of Elections, the Wake County Board of Elections and individual candidate websites.