Precinct Chair Jim Gulick’s Letter to Precinct 02-04

At the national level, it is essential that we elect the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton and her running mate, Tim Kaine.  Everyone’s vote is needed. As you likely have heard, North Carolina is a battleground state in this election. The Republican candidate has proven in many ways that he is unfit for office, while Clinton is well qualified to be President.  So say even newspapers that traditionally endorse Republicans, such as the Columbus Dispatch of Ohio and the Arizona Republic.

If any of you are still undecided or are considering voting for a third-party candidate, I strongly recommend that you read the October 1 endorsement of Clinton by the Sun Sentinel of Florida. Among the overwhelming editorial endorsements of Clinton, I recommend reading this one because the Sun has not always endorsed Democrats — and indeed endorsed Mitt Romney in 2012. The Sun explains numerous positive reasons to elect Clinton that are independent of the fact that she is not Donald Trump. The Sun’s editorial staff separately declares Trump to be unfit for office. The Sun also urges that no one vote third party and explains why.  You can find the Sun’s endorsement here:

Many of you may have supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary.  Sanders understands what is at stake in this race and is actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton in the General Election. See this video from October 5, 2016.

For the last six years the Republican Senate and House of Representatives have refused to work with President Obama. To have effective government, Democrats therefore must win back control of both the US Senate and the House of Representatives.  We have two strong candidates for these races in Deborah Ross and John McNeil.

Here in North Carolina we must turn back the regressive, hurtful and frequently unconstitutional policies of our Republican Legislature and Governor by electing Roy Cooper and electing enough Senators and Representatives to give Gov. Cooper a veto-proof legislature. Until my retirement in 2013, I served under Roy in the North Carolina Justice Department for eleven years as head of the Environmental Division. I know Roy Cooper as a very capable and honest government leader. On October 14, the Charlotte Observer, for the first time in 25 years did not endorse Pat McCrory in his bid for office. Instead, the Charlotte Observer has endorsed Cooper.

In addition, we need a Democratic General Assembly.  We have strong state legislative candidates in Lauren Deegan-Fricke and Joe John.

We also have the most outstanding group of Council of State candidates we’ve had in years.

Finally, if you are as repulsed as I am by the ideologically driven rulings of the North Carolina Supreme Court in recent years, you must vote for Mike Morgan for the Supreme Court.  There are also strong candidates for the Court of Appeals.

Jim Gulick

Early Voting Has Started

Today’s the day!

Early voting locations are now open all over the state, which means that you can go cast your ballot — right now — for Democrats up and down the ticket:

  1. Vote for federal races: President, US Senator, and members of Congress
  2. Vote for the entire Council of State: from Governor to Treasurer
  3. Vote for the judges: NC Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and local judges
  4. Vote for your local state legislative races: both House and Senate

So don’t wait! Check your early voting location right now to make your plan to go vote, then forward this email to all of your family, friends, and neighbors so they can get their ballots in, too!

Use the North Carolina Democratic Party’s early voting locator tool. Go the site and enter your address.

Why we MUST elect Deborah Ross for US Senate

Let me count the reasons why we MUST elect Deborah Ross for US Senate. There are more than I have fingers and toes!!!!!

But one of the most important is the fact that Burr refuses to permit an up or down vote for the any of President Obama’s nominations for the Eastern District of the US Court. He even “Blue Slipped” (gave his approval) Obama’s first nominee, Jennifer May-Packer, but then withdrew his approval. Now Obama has nominated Patricia Timmons-Goodson, a nationally acclaimed judge, whom Burr said he would not even consider!!!!

North Carolina deserves better; Please vote for Deborah and get your friends to do the same. Just listen to this 1 minute statement from NC Policy Watch.

Or Read this article in the News and Observer.