If you don’t know of FiveThirtyEight – you need to start learning now!

Most of you have heard of Nate Silver. Nate is a 'geek' who crunches numbers and have been able to predict the last many elections with almost surgical precision. Nate and his staff maintains a website called FiveThirtyEight.com and this is a link to his current predictions for the Presidential election this year. Interesting reading.

Go here for his predictions on how North Carolina will vote.


Nate Silver's prediction for NC as of August 12

House Speaker Tim Moore’s recent $1.5 million pet project could directly benefit campaign treasurer, contributors

This is a perfect example for why Democrats must gain a veto proof majority this fall. That means at least four House members plus all of our Wake County Senate candidates. Of course both parties are guilty of “sugarplums” during the waning hours of the session, but under the Republicans this has become both blatant and without restraint. Maybe you would like some help with the lake you live on.
Read the full article on the NC Policy Watch website.


NC cuts to funding for supplies a back-to-school buzzkill

I hope you are fed up with the rhetoric that this Legislature and Governor continue to push saying they have increased funding for education. Just read this article from a teacher in Millbrook Elementary. This should be a rallying cry for all of us to work and contribute for the success of all of our Democratic candidates:


Coal Ash and drinking water

When it comes to Duke energy’s dominance over NC’s Department of Health and Human Services, recently released emails show that one of the most experienced health experts in the department drafted a letter declaring the well water unsafe, which was pulled in favor of a letter stating that water was safe.

Read the full article on the NC Policy Watch website.