Are We Letting Hate Overtake Us

The Southern Poverty Law Center located in Montgomery, Alabama has been committed since its founding to exposing extremist organizations across the country and through court action oversee their demise. Given the animosity, division and yes even hatred which this election season has spawned, we should all recognize what it is fueling. Since 2009 when President Obama took office, extremist groups have escalated from 149 to a high of 1360 with the present count at 998.

The tragedy is that in our great state of North Carolina there are 23 such groups

  • 10 Ku Klux Klan
  • 6 Black Separatist
  • 2 Racist Skinheads
  • 2 White Nationalist
  • 1 Neo-Nazi
  • 1 Anti-LGBT
  • 1 Neo-Confederate

See Southern Powerty Law Center for details.

When we vote this primary on June 7 and the General Election November 8, we must have one goal and that is to elect individuals who will foster civility, compassion, and respect of all North Carolinians and those who bless us with their visits.

(“Active Hate Groups in the United States”, Southern Poverty Law Ctr., Montgomery, AL. March 2016)

A caring Eastern North Carolina doctor’s orders: Expand Medicaid

You may very well agree with me that the Legislature’s and Governor’s refusal to expand Medicaid is morally indefensible but this doctor’s review of several of his cases makes it real.


Across North Carolina, hidden agony goes on for no acceptable reason.
People who worked all their lives suffer with conditions that could have been prevented or could be resolved with treatment.
But the health insurance that would give them access to medical care is being withheld to make a political point.

Read the full article in The News&Observer.

Virtual charter schools are a bust. So why did the NC House loosen state regulations even further?

Our North Carolina legislators continue to close their minds to the  disastrous performance of virtual charter schools in other states. Not only are they opening the door wider, they are basically eliminating any measure of success (student success or even enrollment retention). National statistics show: students receive 180 fewer days of learning time in math, and 72 fewer days in reading; graduation rates are one half (40%) of the national average of 80% (North Carolina’s graduation public school rate is 90%+). Even as the legislature persist in expanding this failing system of online education, our virtual charter school students are withdrawing in alarming rates.

Read the full article on the NC Policy Watch website.

Wake County Democratic Party Endorses Judge Mike Morgan

As we begin early voting today across North Carolina, I am very proud to announce that the Executive Board of the Wake County Democratic Party has endorsed Judge Michael R. (Mike) Morgan for the position of Associate Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Judge Morgan has the pedigree and the experience we need on the Supreme Court bench. Born and raised in North Carolina, he represents the best of what North Carolina is and can continue to be. After graduating from Duke University, he went on to become a proud “Legal Eagle” at North Carolina Central University and began his distinguished legal career as an Associate and Assistant Attorney General at the North Carolina Department of Justice. He became an Administrative Law Judge in 1989, where he swore in his father Leander R. Morgan as the first African American Mayor of New Bern, NC. He then assumed the District Court bench in Wake County in 1994, and eventually became a Superior Court Judge in 2005. He is the most qualified person on the ballot, and we are so proud to be behind one of our own.

To find out more about Judge Morgan or to volunteer, check out

Representative Darren Jackson fighting HB2

The fight against House Bill 2 rages on in the halls of the legislative building on Jones Street. At the forefront of that fight has been representative, Darren Jackson of Knightdale.


Rep. Jackson co-sponsored a bill on day one of the 2016 short session to repeal HB2, and continues to advocate for its full and outright appeal. Since this horrible bill hit the floor of the North Carolina House, Rep. Jackson has worked tirelessly to fix the worst of what North Carolina has become.

Meet and Greet for our North Raleigh June Primary Democratic Candidates

Saturday June 4
11am to 1pm
Friendship Baptist Church, 237 Friendship Chapel Rd., Wake Forest.

You’re invited to a most important meet and greet on June 4 from 11 AM to 1 PM at the Friendship Baptist Church, 237 Friendship Chapel Rd., Wake Forest. On June 7 not only are we voting for the Democrat who will be facing the Republican nominee for the United States Congress this fall, but we will be selecting our candidates for the North Carolina Supreme Court and Superior Court. You know the effort the Republican Legislature made last year to keep Judge Edmunds from having to face an election, so now that we are putting forth a Democratic opponent I want you to know the quality candidates who have committed themselves to a fair and honest judicial system.

This will be a very low turnout election, so it is essential that your vote on June 7 will be for the most qualified and competitive candidates possible. I hope to see you on June 4 at 11 AM.

Lobbyists: Lawmakers turn up pressure to quiet HB2 opponents

WRAL News’ Laura Leslie published the result of her investigations into what lobbyists were told by the Republican lawmakers.

While Republican state leaders have complained about being “bullied” by the federal government over House Bill 2, lobbyists in Raleigh tell WRAL News they and the businesses they represent are being bullied by state lawmakers seeking to silence business opposition to the new law

Read the full article on the WRAL website.

The NC Chamber comes clean about its cynical opportunism on HB2

Another new great article by on the NC Policy Watch website.

Ever since North Carolina lawmakers and Governor Pat McCrory rammed through North Carolina’s new all-purpose discrimination law (HB2) in just a handful of hours on March 23, there has been widespread speculation about the motives and role in the whole affair of North Carolina’s largest business lobby group, the NC Chamber.

Read the full article on the NC Policy Watch website.

18 Questions, 18 Answers: The real facts behind House Bill 2

This is a great article by By Rick Glazier, Executive Director of the NC Justice Center.

For the past week politicians across North Carolina have defended House Bill 2, claiming that the real facts behind the law have been misconstrued or misinterpreted by the public.

My 18 questions and answers on HB 2 deal with the real bill that passed – not the one Governor McCrory wishes had passed. Eighteen is an important number in my religion – it is the number we use that stands for the “joy of life.”

Read the full article on the NC Justice Center website.

State budget proposal: TABOR by another name

In drafting the 2016/17 state budget, the legislature has decided to implement the failed taxation plan attempted in Colorado, TABOR (Taxpayer Bill Of Rights). This budgeting approach severely limits revenue and is oblivious of specific expenditure needs. The Republican leadership announced last year they were going to propose a constitutional amendment to mandate this budgeting approach, but they have decided to achieve the same thing by unilaterally applying the formula restrictions to every aspect of the state support of public services including education.

Read the full article on the NC Policy Watch website.