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Wake County Democratic Party Upcoming Events

  • Tuesday March 14 at 5:30pm – 8pm. Precinct organization final make-up meeting at Goodwin House.
  • Tuesday March 14 at 6pm – 8pm. African American Caucus of the WCDP Monthly Meeting.
  • Wednesday March 15 at 11am-1pm. Wake County Senior Democrats monthly meeting.
  • Monday March 20 at 6pm – 8pm. East Wake Dems meeting
  • Saturday April 1 at 10am - 4pm. Wake County Democratic Party County Convention.
  • February 22 to March 8: Precinct Organization Two-Week Window.
  • May 20: District Conventions
  • August 12: State Executive Committee Meeting (Location TBA)

Are you able to help on or before election day?

The Democratic Party in North Wake County needs volunteers to distribute literature and help with phone banks during the weeks leading up to an Election day.  We also need volunteers to man the polling places on election days. If you are able to help, please contact precinct chair, or your district coordinator. You can find out who these individuals are here on this website.

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